Maximizing LP

Released by: Robot Dance Records
Release date: Jun 4, 2013 
ISRC: QM-FU5-13-00001

Rodney Connell and Brandon Duhon started as frontmen for two different bands, MoTel Aviv and Glasnost, but only met when they discovered that they were both after the affections of the same girl.

In early 2012 the hand of fate stepped in to extinguish their rivalry when the girl died in a tragic auto accident. They became friends and while supporting artists like Yelle, Digitalism and Neon Indian with their previous acts, Rodney and Brandon worked together on original music, visual concepts and screenplays alike. This creative collaboration left them with the collection of songs from which Night Drive was born.

Management: Chuck Costello //
Publicity: Nancy //

It’s about time to call it quits.

We have tried for so long. And we have tried so hard. But the inspiration won’t come to us. We are very good friends, and have been so for more than a decade. We loved travelling with BATTLEKAT, experiencing new places, playing shows and meeting new people. But we just couldn’t make the creative process work. Unfortunately music is the essence of a band – not just great friendships and great moments.

In an absurd way our new EP “OCEAN / WAVE / FORM” is about its own difficult birth. In the end, music should be a relief – not a struggle.

“I see your eyes shining mad

as the fireflies.

You are looking at

a horrifying essential detail of life.

I seem to forget it, forget it sometimes.”


We will all continue to write music. So stay tuned for new sounds.

We would like to thank everyone who enjoyed our music, attended our shows or just bought into the hype. We would like to thank the many great people we have met. We would like to thank all who helped us along the way – especially Mads and Kamilla from Good Tape Records.

New single from Azure Blue, released on Hybris May 22nd 2013.


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Willows And Pines is the second single from Azure Blue’s sophomore album - Beyond The Dreams There’s Infinite Doubt - due after the summer of 2013. Following the success of the first single The Road I Know and the debut Rule Of Thirds that dropped in November 2011.

Hybris + Warner/Chappell Scandinavia.